illustrator | dreams

Dreams are awesome adventures and I love illustrating them.


Created a series of posters for a Starbucks Corporate meeting and the theme was "Wonderment".

JAW (junior arts workshop)

On Mondays, I host JAW (Junior Arts Workshop) for kids 5-7 and we make our own comic books, tiny stop motion films, pirate ships, dragon boats, paper planes, album covers...and pretty much a gajillion things out of cardboard. It's serious fun.

We Fly With Our Own Wings TV Commercial

Illustrated a tv commercial for Cover Oregon produced by North Advertising Agency and Laika House (animation). Oregon's state motto is "She Flies With Her Own Wings", so I made creative wings for all kinds of people and they flew across Oregon and into a bird-shaped formation.

"DREAM" The Musical

As creator and executive producer, I've taken this rock musical called “Dream” on a long wonderful journey. I wrote the script, composed and produced the music and co-directed this musical with high school students in Oregon. Next stop: Broadway?

The Serious Show

Mr. Serious Pants actually rides around in my purse most days. He's been to corporate meetings, even went to Shanghai, has been in a children's book, and is the star of my rock musical. Sometimes I film random episodes of The Serious Show and ultimately I'll create a channel for them and put them out into the world.


I was an artist-in-residence for Friendtorship (an inspiring class at PSU where college students mentor alternative high school students), and I created a curriculum called 'Ladder to the Moon'. It was design-thinking-for-dreamers and we built road maps to our dreams and rooted for each other.

flying tetrazinni's

I built a tiny theater called 'Teatro Del Sole' and made up a story about the Flying Tetrazzini's and their journey to the new world. Popsicle-stick people make everyone happy.

spirit animals

Each spirit animal has a story inside. For me, this was a fun exploration in contrast and finding balance.

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