This series is about the dream seeds we plant and the extraordinary journeys we take to bring them to life. Odyssey (the largest piece shown) is a 4-piece painting in progress that will be sold as a unit. Pricing on these originals will be listed soon. Please reach out if you’d like early-bird info or access to any of these works.

Moonbird, 30” x 24” x 1 1/2”, acrylic on birchwood canvas

This is the upper left panel of Odyssey. 

Top left and bottom left in progress. 

Here are the 4 panels that will make up this piece.

Odyssey, 78” x 72” x 1 /3/4” (or 6.5’ x 6’) acrylic on birchwood canvas. The size includes the total area of the 4 paintings combined. Details are evolving as I’m currently working on the final versions of each panel. (What you see above is part photographed painting + digital sketch.)

Dream Seeds, 30” x 30” x 1 3/4” acrylic on birchwood canvas.

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