The DREAM soundtrack is fun, uplifting, catchy, and a warm hug from the 1970s. My musical influences run the gamut, and it’s a Muppets-meets-The-Wiz-like journey to help us find our way back to the Dream Road.​​​​​​​

"City of Dreams"

"Requiem for a Lost Dream"

There’s a magical mail-order company called DCT that delivers dreams. People can write letters with their greatest wishes, and they’ll send a package in response to help make them come true. (Think Amazon meets the Make-A-Wish Foundation.)
For generations, it’s been a beacon of hope and possibility. But times are changing, and darkness is spreading across the land. People are on edge, and they’ve stopped writing letters. This is bad news for DCT, as a longstanding will and contract requires them to reach a million deliveries by midnight—or it’s lights out for good.
24 stories down in the mailroom, Mr. Serious Pants runs the place with military precision and 100% devotion. His delivery team hasn’t missed a deadline in 3 decades. But today, he trips and falls into a shipping crate, launching him on an accidental journey to who-knows-where.
Outside his comfort zone, Mr. Serious Pants will have to try and face his biggest fears, outsmart an evil villain hell-bent on destroying DCT, tame an angry mob, and find his way back to save us all. The clock is ticking, and our fate hangs in the balance.
There’s just one problem: Mr. SP is missing.
I’m always tinkering and creating the DREAM characters in many forms from illustrations to puppets, and as stars in ‘Paper Broadway’ (my homemade theater).

‘Pay 2 Play’ - featuring Squelch, the villain

More songs…(putting these here soon)
Here’s an early "prototype" of DREAM on stage at Liberty High School in Hillsboro, Oregon. Alongside 35 students and their drama teacher, we built sets and costumes, learned lines and music, and put it all together on stage for a three-day weekend. It was the thrill of a lifetime.
Fundraised over $10K on Kickstarter to create a recording of the finale track, ‘City of Dreams.’ Joseph B. Clarke arranged and directed a group of professional singers, and Liam Davis produced this track. The beautiful solo voice is 15-year-old Bri’Anna Harper. 
Help me spark a movement of people who see each other as fellow travelers on the DREAM road…working together to build things they want to see in the world.
I’m seeking collaborators, funding, and support to bring it to life on a bigger stage. 

Jill created the original music, art, and lyrics for DREAM and has collaborated with many generous and talented people along the way.
You can also see her artwork suspended in a 6-story atrium at the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation in Seattle, on a big wall in Cambridge, UK, as paintings, murals, children’s books, and in an animated TV spot.
Liam is a 5x Grammy-nominated producer, performer, composer for TV & film, songwriter for gaming, brands, and bands…and has a company called Songtellers. 
He plays in several Chicago bands and elevates everything he’s part of.
We’ve made 12 demo tracks for DREAM, and he weaves them together with a 70s thread and an authentic/soulful bent.
‘Jojo’ is an international director, arranger, vocal coach, and superstar who works with top-level talents. 
He’s been on Good Morning America, a finalist on America’s Got Talent, and is currently starring in a gospel musical in Europe.
He arranged and directed ‘City of Dreams’ and got us the big stage sound.
Thank you!
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